About Us

Welcome to Feel Good Fitness.

When most people think about joining a gym, whether it’s to just feel a bit better, or to achieve certain goals, we find that a FEAR inside them holds them back.

FEAR of others watching them, FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of something new, FEAR of not being able to do it, FEAR of looking like the newbie in the class, FEAR of not knowing how to use the equipment and so on.

Our mission is to make the most WELCOMING environment and help people get over their fears and realise that they deserve to be here and deserve to reach their goals whatever they may be – and our environment will NEVER BE INTIMIDATING!!

We focus on combining FAT LOSS with EXERCISE and INFORMATION in group format, encouraging people to educate themselves and understand why fad/low calorie diets NEVER WORK LONG TERM.

Our trainers have all been through their OWN TRANSFORMATION and are here to motivate, educate and make you FEEL GOOD!

Our passion has always been to create a results driven service and help change peoples lives through fitness, nutrition and mind set coaching and make them FEEL GOOD. We believe we have done this with Feel Good Fitness.
We are fully committed to helping every single person who walks through our doors achieve their lifelong dream of being not only in the best shape of their lives but also being in the best place in their mind.

Feel Good Fitness have developed a system for success that have delivered outstanding results over the last 3 years that has separated us from the rest.

There are many people out there who really want help however can’t afford a personal trainer to coach them through the process. So we have designed a system where you get the same outstanding service for the price of a coffee a day.

We don’t design generic programmes or have a ‘one fits all’ approach. Each one of our programmes are tailored made that include science backed and proven methods that deliver the highest quality results. Whether your looking for a body transformation, fat loss, muscle build, nutrition or mind set coaching all of our programmes are tailor-made. Feel Good Fitness continue to research and study to ensure we stay on the forefront of the fitness industry.

We very rarely meet a team of trainers who live, breathe and practise what they preach the way we do and also who have never taken themselves through a complete transformation.